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Spectra Breast Milk Storage Bags (with connector) - 10 Bags

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Spectra Breast Milk Storage Bags (with connector)

Box of 10 bags

Spectra’s BPA-free milk storage bags are ideal for storing your precious milk in the fridge or freezer, or for transporting the home from work.

These milk bags are self-standing, so they can easily stand upright in your freezer, saving space. They are double-lined and tightly sealable so you can be confident your breastmilk is protected. A measurement scale on the front of the milk bag lets you see at a glance how much milk it contains, up to a maximum of 200ml.

  • BPA free
  • Box of 10 bags
  • 200mL capacity
  • Self-standing & space-saving
  • Pre-sterilised
  • Double-lined
  • Tightly sealable
  • Bottle replacement