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Spectra Dual Compact Double Electric Breast Pump

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Spectra Dual Compact Double Electric Breast Pump

  • Hospital grade vacuum power (ISO 13485) standard.
  • The most important feature that distinguishes it from other products is to apply vacuum not only to a single part of the nipple, but to different points, that is, the upper, left, right, thus enabling the milk ducts to be opened quickly, thus maximizing milk increase.
  • Back-flow (hygienic milking by preventing the passage of milk to the machine)
  • Stylish design Intuitive screen
  • Double engine technology (milking each breast at different pressures)
  • Massage and milking mode in baby sucking rhythm.
  • 12 levels milking mode
  • 5 levels massage mode
  • 30 minutes auto power off 
  • Touch screen Illuminated LED display
  • Single and double use possibility
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Super quiet

Box Includes:

  • Spectra Dual Compact
  • Wide neck breast shield (24mm SIZE)x2
  • Bottle x2
  • Slow flow soft teat x2
  • Tubing x2
  • Disc x2
  • Cap x2
  • Backflow protector x2
  • Duck valve x2
  • Power adaptor

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